Morris JE FAQ

If you have a question that you require answering, then check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for here, then contact our team. We will be happy to assist you with your enquiry.

What is the range of the Morris JE?

We are aiming to bring the Morris JE to market with a range of at least 200 miles. Morris Commercial will release more information regarding battery options and range closer to delivery.

Where do I charge my Morris JE?

Morris Commercial designs vehicles to fit within country-specific charging standards. The Morris JE will use a Type 2 charging cable, to ensure charging is easily accessible on the go.

How long does it take to charge the Morris JE?

The Morris JE can be fully charged overnight using a standard 7kW charging point.

Will the Morris JE be fast charging compatible?

Yes. Rapid Chargers are the fastest way to charge an electric car and can be found close to main roads and motorway services.

Where can I purchase my Morris JE?

You can purchase your Morris JE directly through the Morris Commercial website. After successfully placing your reservation, you will receive an e-certificate with unique reference number to confirm your slot in the Morris JE build queue.

Does Morris Commercial support autonomous driving?

Yes, technology is at the heart of everything we do. The Morris JE will be launched with the legally permitted level of autonomous driving technology.

How much will my Morris JE cost?

Morris Commercial is building premium, next-generation commercial vehicles that reintroduce great, attractive van design. The Morris JE will have an anticipated price of around £60,000 when it goes on sale in late 2021. More information regarding vehicle specifications and costs will be announced closer to launch.

Are there lease or finance options?

There will be finance options available. Morris Commercial will announce lease details at the later stage.

What payload can the Morris JE carry?

The Morris JE has a payload of 1,000 kg and boasts a class-leading carrying capacity of 5.5 m3.

What are the inner load bay dimensions of the Morris JE?

We will be announcing further details on body sizes and load bay dimensions closer to launch.

Where is the Morris JE being built?

All development of the Morris JE has taken place at a dedicated manufacturing site in Worcestershire. Morris Commercial will release more information regarding manufacturing expansion closer to launch.

When do deliveries of the Morris JE begin?

We plan to start production of the Morris JE at the end of 2021 in the United Kingdom and followed up with deliveries being made to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America and more.

Where can I see the Morris JE?

We will be taking the Morris JE to many events throughout 2020, to be amongst the first to find out about viewing opportunities, please sign up for pre order updates.

When can I test drive the Morris JE?

We look forward to offering Morris JE test drives closer to launch.

Can I invest in the company?

If you would like to find out more about investment opportunities in Morris Commercial please complete our investors form.

Can I work for Morris Commercial?

You can browse the latest vacancies at Morris Commercial on our careers page.