New Morris JE


Long referred to as the ultimate, classic and iconic van from the 1950s, the Morris J-type is making a triumphant comeback as the Morris JE. The new fully-electric Morris JE will utilise advanced battery technology with a lightweight platform. Combining classically-inspired design with the heritage of the original J-type, the new JE will be built using beautiful British craftsmanship.


Morris Commercials have always been at the forefront of innovation and the new Morris JE is no exception to this.

By adopting an all electric drive system, the JE joins the global drive for clean energy and environmentally friendly Transport. The all new J-Type will be a fully connected car with easy to use navigation systems and in-car entertainment.


Through advanced light-weight technology and engine innovations, the JE has a real world range of 90 miles, and even a top speed of 90mph.

To achieve this we aim to use the very latest advancements in battery design to give the new Morris Commercial J-Type excellent range and performance. This flexibility makes options for JE use truly varied.