j-type archive gallery

Introduced in 1948 at the Commercial Motor Show at Earls Court, the J-type van soon became an instant icon within the transport industry. The J-type’s uses were endless, from goods transport vans to postal vehicles, milk floats and military service vehicles.

The J-type was fitted with a 1476 cc four-cylinder side-valve engine based on the one used in the contemporary Morris Oxford car. Drive to the rear wheels was through a three-speed gearbox and initially a spiral bevel type rear axle, later replaced by a hypoid type. The van was updated to the JB in 1957 when an overhead valve 1489 cc, BMC B-Series engine was fitted along with a four-speed gearbox.

Unfortunately, the J-type ceased production in 1961, but this caused a slow, powerful increase in market desire for a product revival.


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